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Automate your customer service with Chatbot

Automate your customer service with Chatbot

Do customers tend to ask you the same questions over and over? Why not easily setup an automated answering AI system with Chatbot?

Chatbot is a chat widget that can connect with your favourite tools (eg. your website, messaging platform, or Facebook) and create customised interactions for web and mobile. You don’t even have to be online or know code for it to work! With Chatbot, you can setup prebuilt questions and answers so that it feels like a fully interactive customer experience without you even having to interact with them! Customers don’t like having to wait for answers so having an instant answer to some commonly asked questions is a game changer. Yes, you may have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website but who really reads that anyway! 😄

Some of the benefits of using Chatbot are:

  1. Improve workflows and productivity by automating the uninspiring tasks of replying to the same question over and over.
  2. Support customers around the clock. Chatbot is ready to help customers 24/7 so can deliver consistent support when you’re unavailable.
  3. Resolve problems smarter & faster with instant answers. You can also track the data to see what questions are asked the most.
  4. Grow without adding overhead.
  5. Generate and qualify leads automatically by connecting Chatbot to your CRM.
  6. Enhance customer experience with a customised, positive experience.
  7. Increase conversion rates by forming a good customer relationship.
  8. Balance automation with human touch by linking to LiveChat for seamless customer support.
  9. Apply ready-to-use templates to help customers.
  10. Connect ChatBot with your favorite tools eg. your website, messaging platform, or Facebook.

From answering basic questions like “What are your opening hours” to something more complex like setting up meeting times or bookings, Chatbot can do it all.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try now – click here to signup for a free 14 day trial.

Need help setting up templates or connecting Chatbot to your website? Please contact us.
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Carly Murray
Don’t let her quiet persona fool you! Carly is the creative assassin of digital design. Leaving no div open, she executes her coding with deadly accuracy, giving her designs bulletproof functionality. Having worked in agencies around the globe Carly has brought her talent and expertise to the front-line of the Mediamojo web and graphic design team Noosa. We’re just glad she’s on our side!

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