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Business Cards – Inexpensive Marketing

Business Cards – Inexpensive Marketing

Business Cards are one of the least expensive forms of advertising available.

Not only are business cards inexpensive, they can also be your most valuable form of marketing. Every time you meet someone new the opportunity to present your business card arises.  Once you’ve handed over your card the recipient will have your details available to them where ever they go, making your business card a dedicated, personal, mobile advert. Your business card is your introduction to potential, clients, and prospects.

Make sure that you have your business cards designed in a way that will entice people to pick them up. They should also reflect your companies branding (logo’s, colours, etc) as well as clearly display your contact details.  Don’t try and fit too much information on a business card, it should be kept simple its purpose is to tell someone who you are and how to contact you.  Leave all the “what we do stuff” for a brochure or your website, though you should make the most of opportunity to sell your business verbally to the person you are giving the card to.

Once you get your cards designed and printed you usually receive a box of cards, which you look at and think I’ll never be able to distribute all of these. The following are just a few ideas of how to make your cards work for you.

Leave your cards at the following places:

  1. On bulletin boards in stores and supermarkets.
  2. On the sink in public restrooms
  3. On the counter of ATM machines
  4. In the shopping cart when you’ve finished your shopping
  5. Inside the pages of library books for the next user to find
  6. On the tables of fast food restaurants
  7. Inside magazines at the Dr’s offices
  8. In the pouch on the airplane seat

You should also be handing out cards to everyone you meet, and don’t just give them one, give them a few as they might have a friend that may be in need of your services as well.  Try placing them in your mail correspondence, like when you’re paying a bill, slip in a card, you never know who will be opening the mail and what business they are in need of.

So for a cost effective form of marketing your business you can’t go passed Business Cards. But holding on to them won’t achieve anything.  Try and hand out at least a 100 cards a week and see the difference it makes.

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