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Case Study: Chef Andy Davies


Case Study: Chef Andy Davies

Have you seen the website that Mediamojo designed for Chef Andy Davies? Award-winning Australian chef, Andy Davies came to Mediamojo to discuss creating an awesome website for his new bespoke home-dining service. The aim was to create an attractive website, where users can learn about Andy’s dining services and easily make inquiries via an interactive form or by phone. We applied cutting-edge design and function to ensure his new website design was easily viewed on all devices.

The Process

When we design websites, we like to put ourselves in the shoes of the customers. It’s important to establish what viewers will want to see when landing on each page. For example, Chef Andy Davies’ services are a crucial selling point so we needed to ensure that they were very clear to his audience and that the user could navigate to them with ease. We used strong imagery to support the clear content that leaves users wanting to know more! At Mediamojo, we think about user engagement and how to keep viewers interacting with your website for long enough to understand your business and why they should choose you.

First Impressions

We used an awesome picture of Chef Andy Davies doing what he does best for the landing page of his website design. It clearly explains who Andy is, what he can do for you and how to contact him. Three vital components to a successful website! It’s important to consider these things when creating a website for your business. We take all of this (and more) onboard when we design our websites, which has helped our clients over the years and given them a head-start on their new business ventures.

With years of experience designing high-end websites for a wide range of industries, we communicated with Andy throughout the entire process and worked with him to ensure that the end result exceeded his expectations.

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View the full website design by following this link.

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