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Content for Design

Content for Design

Some handy hints

We often get asked for advice from customers when it comes to supplying their text for different projects so we have decided to put together a few points to help you out.

What we are going to look at is simplifying terminology, cutting out cliches and how  different mediums should display your content.

Simplify terminology

You should really take a good look at your readability and use a more inviting approach, for example:

…Instead of “We thrive on assisting your business” use “We would love to help you out” Also, another great tip is dont use “internal language”  it can be seen as condescending and limits the readers understanding.

Cut out the cliches

Buzzwords are annoying and someitmes look cheap. Just because some other business is using it, doesnt mean you should, it certainly wont make you an “Industry Leader” or “Cutting Edge”, nor will it improve your “customer-focused integration.”

In fact if you want to see what to steer clear of visit  http://www.squidoo.com/businesscliches

Think about the size

Business cards are different in size to an A5 brochure and websites are different to 6 page catalogues.  Each one serves a purpose to deliver specific amounts of content, here is a rough guide:

Business Cards – Name, Slogan, Email, Location, Contact Details… remember it fits in your palm and not everyone has the best eyesight.

Websites – Short sharp paragraphs of USEFUL content… remember WHY your visitor is there in the first place.

Email Signature – Name, Slogan, Email, Address optional… remember its purpose and the speed one flicks through emails.

Catalogues and brochures are used to display more detailed information, but once again being reader friendly is the key.

We are always happy to discuss any  issues you may have with content for design,  feel free to call us and we can evaluate your content for your next big project.

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Mediamojo is a small but feisty web and graphic design studio located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in jobs big and small, encompassing all that's needed in design for Print, Web... and lots more!

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