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Easily Distracted Online?

Easily Distracted?

Easily Distracted Online?

Tired of that Facebook tab luring you in with little beeping noises? Here’s how to silence those notification sounds.

Even if you take away the little red alert icons, flashing title bars, or beeping chat boxes, Facebook can be a huge distraction. This may not always matter, but disabling some of these notifications can help keep you on track later if you don’t want to close the tab. Disabling sound notifications can be done in just a few steps:

Step 1:

Go to the far right of your account and look for the cog icon. Click on it to open the Settings menu. This menu will display various pages that you are an admin of etc.


Step 2:

Hover down the list and select Account Settings as shown on the right to get re-directed to the inner gummings of your Facebook Account.


Step 3:

Next, simply find the Notifications option in the menu on the left-hand side. There may be many different tabs to look through, however the one you will need for this exercise generally be near the top. When you have found it, click to open!

Step 4:

Clicking on this tab will open the subsection “How You Get Notifications”. This subsection will hold all notification options that you can setup for your account and change at will. At the top will be the option “On Facebook” as seen below, click again to open.


Step 5:

The final step is easy! Just untick the box that says, “Play a sound when each new notification is received”. Then save your changes and click on the Facebook logo in the top left to get home!

That’s it, no more annoying notification beeps!


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