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Email Signatures – 5 ways to boost your business!

Email Signatures – 5 ways to boost your business!

Think of your Email signature as your digital business card.

Email signatures are a must for your online business communications. Email remains the most direct way to catch your recipient’s attention so why not capitalise on this by including more info about your business with every email you send!?

Your email signature should include such things as; your logo, phone number/s, address, website link and social profile links to make it super easy for your customers and clients to communicate with you in all the ways possible.

An email signature is like a digital business card. If set up correctly, it should be automatically attached to the bottom of each email you send. It’s surprising how much impact something so simple can have on your business.

Here’s 5 ways you can use your email signature to boost your business:

  1. Promote special offers and sales
  2. Increase brand recognition
  3. Share other products & services you offer
  4. Boost sales using a ‘Call to Action’
  5. Ask for reviews


1. Promote special offers and sales

Don’t miss an opportunity for some free advertising! There’s no reason why your email signature can’t be updated regularly to align with your latest offers and promotions that link back to your website and we can most certainly help with that –contact us today!

2. Increase brand recognition

You could be working from home in your PJ’s with breakfast still stuck to your face but if your email signature looks professional, your recipient will be none the wiser. Let’s face it, email signatures are just as important as a business card – they both should make it super easy for people to contact you.

Working in a team? We can design you a suite of cohesive branded email signatures for each employee that scream professionalism.

3. Share other products and services you offer

Why not utilise your email signature to promote other products and services you provide? We’re not talking about a big long list here – keeping it simple is best practice. See below for an example of how adding some branding elements along with a few dot points can add personality to each email (read more about brand personality here). Remember to include a link back to your website for people to find out more.

4. Boost sales using a ‘Call to Action’

All email signatures should include a call to action. A call to action invites readers to do just that, take action. Use one that is beneficial to your sales strategy, here’s some examples:

  • A free download offer
  • Club membership
  • A shop discount code (for e-commerce stores)
  • A Link to learn more about a product or service.

The CTA in your email signature can change depending on new marketing information and different campaigns. It is a subtle way to get your customers to continue their journey with you, make purchases and ultimately grow your business.

 5. Ask for customer reviews

Your email signature is the perfect place to ask for a review! Reviews can help your business stand out among the competition in a Google Search that offer the same services. Including a quick message asking your customers to leave you a review on Google along with a link makes it simple for those who are willing.

You will need to have a registered Google business account and your customers will also need a Google account to be able to leave their review.


Don’t forget to update the standard email signature on your mobile devices too. Replacing the default ‘sent from my iphone’ message is easy and looks way more professional.

Go to Settings > Mail > Scroll right to the bottom to edit the signature > Enter your message and save.

If you access multiple email accounts on your devices, simply tap “per account” to adjust the email signature on each individual account.

The process is slightly different for android users (and for each different phone models) but the option to edit the email signature will be within your mail settings.


Like the samples used in this post?

Contact us today to give your business a boost by enhancing your email signature!

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