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Get your e-commerce store ready for Christmas

Get your e-commerce store ready for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here, so if you’ve been a bit slack with your marketing then now is the time to kick it into gear and get your e-commerce store ready for Christmas.

The festive season is that yearly event that can dramatically increase your yearly sales figures. So, don’t waste an opportunity, connect with your customers, and make the most out of a gifted opportunity. Sometimes it’s simple things that can make all the difference.

Let customers know your delivery deadlines.

There’s nothing like a deadline to spur someone into a sale. A great way to add extra urgency is to add a pop up to your site – something like. “Don’t miss out, order today. Our delivery cut off time is 00/00/2020.”

Plan your Promotions

Promotions are a great way to increase your sales and make it easier for your customers to choose what to buy. Focus on your top-selling and most popular products. These products are what keep customers coming to your store, so use that leverage to secure their attention and then influence them with possible like-minded alternatives. It’s a great way to introduce more of your range.

Free Gift Wrapping and a personalised message.

As most Christmas purchases are going to be gifts for other people, take care of the wrapping and greetings for your customers. This added service can be the deciding factor when comparing different stores.

Gift Set Bundles

Why not bundle up some of your most popular, complementary products and offer a discounted bundle purchase. Hitting different price points to satisfy the budget to top-shelf buyer. Make something available for everyone.

How to Promote your Promotions

The most effective marketing approach is to directly market your existing customer base. They know and trust your store, having made purchases before. You’ve got their details, so an email campaign is easy, cheap, and very effective. With an email promotion, you can get right in front of your buyer and lead them directly to the items you know their going to love. Mix that up with discount codes and limited time offers and you’ve got yourself a recipe that will lead to sales.

Social Media

Don’t forget your Social Media profiles. If you’ve got a good following, let them know what’s hot and selling this Christmas. Link your products in Instagram and make them shoppable. Be ready for spur of the moment spontaneous buying.

Be ready!

Running an online store isn’t just about making sure you’ve got enough stock. You need to make sure your website can cope with the increased traffic and server demand. Check with your hosting company and find out if you’ve got a healthy reserve of resources to get you through any spikes in traffic that could cause your site to go offline.

OK, so after all that you’ve got Christmas sorted! And then you realise – The New Year is nearly upon us too. Keep your marketing and promotions going and get your new year off to a flying start. You’re in business to sell so why put all your effort into focussing only on Christmas time – with a proper marketing strategy and focus on how to connect with your customers there’s no reason why it can’t be Christmas every day.

Mediamojo is always here to assist and help you set up your digital marketing strategies and help you expand the capabilities of your shopping cart/website. Give us a call, we’d love to chat about how we can help.

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