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Google analytics guide for beginners


Google analytics guide for beginners

Did you know as part of our awesome Mediamojo service, we set each website up with a Google Analytics account? If you have ever wondered how much traffic your website is getting, or perhaps where that traffic is coming from in order to improve your conversion rate or rankings, this guide to the Google Analytics Dashboard is going to step you through it.

First things first, you will need a Google account which you can create here. Once we have given you access to your website account you will be able to view all the data collected so far.

About the Google Analytics Dashboard

Opening up the dashboard for the first time can be somewhat intimidating (we’re not gonna lie) but if you really want to grow your business online, it’s the place to go to figure out how your website is being used, then you can use that knowledge to make it better!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to geek out on you and talk stats or nerdy data stuff, the idea of this post is just to get you familiar with the what’s what of Google Analytics.

When just starting out, there are really only 3 areas that matter most and they are Audience, Acquisition, and Behaviour. Find out who is visiting your site (audience), how they got there (acquisition) and what they did that led them to your or website (behaviour).

A quick snippet for the Google Analytics Dashboard

Audience Overview

The first thing you’ll see once logged in is a graph – think of this as your website’s heartbeat. Straight away you can get an idea of how your website has been performing in terms of visitors compared to the previous week. The solid blue line represents the current week vs the dotted line for the previous week (by default, it shows the last 7 days but you can easily change this range by clicking the dropdown located on the bottom left).

Along the top of the graph you have a quick percentage breakdown of the following:

The total number of people that visited your site during the specified time period.

This number is the total number of times your website was visited over a certain period of time (this includes new and repeat visitors).

Bounce Rate
The percentage of visitors who navigated away from your website after only viewing one page. (The aim is to keep people on your website for as long as possible therefore this number should be low).

Session Duration
The average length of time that each visitor stays on your website.


Acquisition Overview

Just underneath this you’ll see your Acquisition Overview. The data here shows how, where and when users visited your website. Under the column graph you’ll see a colour coded key with the 5 methods that are being measured which are outlined below:

Organic Search
Records visitors that have arrived on your website via a search engine such as Google.

Is just what you think it is; the number of click throughs to your website from various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc).

Is the traffic from your email marketing campaigns (ie: Mailchimp) to your website.

Is the number of visitors that know your website URL and directly type it into their browser (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com.au).

Referrals from external websites that have linked directly to your website.

If you click on ‘Acquisition Report’ (bottom right) you can view this data in more detail and find out exactly which social media channel or links in your email rank the highest.

Back on the dashboard you can see what country your audience comes from and what time of day they are most active which can be great for timing your social media posts and email blasts.


Behaviour Overview

Scroll down to the next section for a quick look at your behaviour overview. Here you can see a list of your website pages ranked in order of ‘pageviews.’

The middle column shows how your active users are trending over time which is broken down into monthly, weekly and daily. Then, in the right-hand column, is a pie graph showing what device they used when visiting your website (Mobile, Desktop/PC, tablet etc).

Looking at this data can give you some great insights into where to focus your time and energy on making improvements on your website in order to promote and grow your online presence.

In an attempt to minimise information overload we’ll cap it off there but we hope this basic rundown of the Google Analytics dashboard encourages you to take a look at your website stats every so often. Of course you can delve much, much deeper into the data and there are experts who can help but we think it’s handy, especially if you are flying solo in business and don’t have a large marketing team to back you up, to have a basic understanding of the who, how and what in regards to the flow of your website traffic in order to grow your business.

Is there areas of your website that you think need improvement? Call us today on (07) 5455 5058 or send us an email with your ideas and let’s get them into action today!


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