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Got the Web Content Blues?

Case of writers block

Got the Web Content Blues?

Writing the content for your website can be time consuming and extremely boring, however content is what brings people to your site and most importantly can mean the difference between your website’s success or failure.

Below are 7 simple tips for writing effective content or updating the pre-existing:

1. Content Must Be Easy To Read!

When writing online content, less is nearly always more! Write for the impatient, online reader whose attention span is very small. Below are some helpful guidelines:

Headings: 8 words or less
Sentences: 15 – 20 words
Paragraphs: 40 – 70 words
Page word count: 250+ words

Try to avoid pompous words and fancy phrases as effective online writing is not about impressing the reader with your vocabulary, it’s about communicating. Use short, simple words. Get to the point, then stop. An effective summary is who, what, when, where & how; it’s about getting the information across in 50 words or less and make sure the content encourages your reader keep reading. Make your first sentence grab your reader’s attention or they’ll move on.

2. Write From Me To You

It is extremely important to write for your reader in a personal, friendly, conversational tone! Get to know your audience; is there a common style you need to use to reach them? Don’t forget that they have come to your website to do something, eg. make a purchase, obtain information, sign up for a subscription. Make sure every word that you write moves them towards a solution.

3. Write For How People Search

If you want your site to be found when people search the web, use words your target readers use might use when searching. Think carefully about the keywords you’re going to use as it can affect whether you site will appear or not, then just as importantly weave those same words and phrases into your copy. Below are two Web sites that can help you find the right keywords and phrases for your individual site.

1. www.overture.com
2. www.wordtracker.com

4. Create Effective Headings

The heading is the most important piece of content you’ll write. Why?? Well Internet users scan read and the first thing they read is your heading. If it doesn’t grab their attention, they’ll leave. An effective heading can also used to improve search engine optimisation which is extremely important. Finally, the heading can be placed on your home page as a link into certain content creating consistency.

When writing headings remember to:

  • Include important keywords
  • Avoid the use of adjectives and prepositions (and, a, the, of).
  • Most importantly, be clear and concise. Avoid wordy, complex phrases.

5. Write How You Would Want to Read

The simplest content checker we recommend! Easy to use, To the point & will help filter down your text! Check it out here: www.blablameter.com

6. Sell Benefits NOT Features

If your Website is designed to sell products or services you should write about the benefits, not the features. Features basically describe your product or service for example, what it is made of. A benefit is what the will user gain from using your product or service. Don’t say, “Our duvets are warm and comfortable,” say “You’ll be warm and comfortable in one of our duvets.” Tell your clients how it will make them happier, sexier, healthier, wealthier. Other words, focus on making sure every line of your content is dedicated to what’s in it for them!

7. Edit, Edit, Edit, Then Edit Again!

Mistakes in online content are easily fixed, but by the time you’ve noticed your errors it is possible that hundreds of other people. Always get two or three people to proofread your text and then make sure you check it yourself! Look for consistency in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations etc and finally if your feeling adventurous, read it backwards you might be surprised how many errors you will spot.

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