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How Mediamojo can help your business grow

How Mediamojo can help your business grow

With the global pandemic still lingering, we are more focused than ever to help our clients grow their business. It’s no secret that certain parts of the world are more restricted than others. Despite this, many of the less-restricted areas have opted to stay safe and remain working remotely; forcing many businesses to adapt to Covid-19 by moving to a more digital-focused approach. This can be extremely daunting for many companies, who are less familiar with this way of doing business. Enter Mediamojo! The digital land is our home soil and we have a range of services that will help your business grow throughout these new, unfamiliar times.

Below is a list of ways Mediamojo can help your business grow:

Web Design

Having a well-designed, engaging website has never been more crucial for the survival of your business. Mediamojo are experts at creating impact the second your customers land on your home page. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this website we designed for Barefoot Bar & Grill and tell us it doesn’t make you want to enjoy their mouth-watering cuisine with a pint of beer in your hand overlooking the beautiful Noosa River.


Then there’s E-commerce – many businesses have opted to sell their products online and this is most-definitely something we can help with! Have you read one of our more recent articles on how to start an online store with Shopify? We can also build your online store using the world’s leading open-source E-commerce platform, WooCommerce. Check out the site we built for Skumi using WooCommerce.


Skumi clothing website


Online Marketing

At Mediamojo, we can design all your online marketing for you! One of the many benefits of online marketing is that it allows you to reach customers on a global scale. Communicating with your audience is important for any business and with people checking their emails daily, it’s a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website. E-newsletters, email signatures, Facebook ads, online adverts and more.⁠



Logo Design

Many companies tend to overlook the importance of brand identity. It is much more than just a logo. First impressions count and your logo should scream confidence and tell your customers exactly who you are and what you’re about! Mediamojo have a few different logo design packages available so whether you’re looking for a brand new identity or to revamp your current one, we have got you covered. Take a look at this awesome logo we designed for Roast & Gravy Co. Now may be the best time to invest in a strong visual identity and reinforce your chances of success.



So now we’ve established how Mediamojo can help your business grow, the only thing left to do is pick up the phone and give us a call! You can also contact us here, via our online enquiry form.

John Banitsiotis
John Banitsiotis
Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Kirk, Splinter, every great team has a great leader, for when the crazy stuff goes down, you need someone there to hold it together and keep everyone feeling safe. John is not only the founder but the creative manifestation of Mediamojo itself. For John, its hard to see how really talented he is for modesty is the best policy, but his level of skill is unparalleled. Having mastered illustration and almost every visual design discipline known to man, John can give any project the professional visage it requires.

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