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How to create a Google+ Page

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How to create a Google+ Page

Fast catching up in the social media network, Google+ now includes Google+ pages for businesses. Unlike profiles which can only be made for individual people, pages can be created for a variety of different entities. Businesses can have multiple pages, so you can manage your corporate brand on one page while advertising a product line on another.

While you might have a Facebook fan page, being a part of Google+ isn’t about choosing one or the other. Google+ is bigger than that. The reason Google calls it “Google+” is that it will reshape Google as a company and become a central part of its whole identity. When a company such as Google is developing so rapidly, why not be a part of it?

Just a few benefits:

  • Create circles to share the right message with the right people
  • Start face-to-face conversations with Hangouts
  • Help people recommend you on Google Search and Ads with the +1 button
  • Track your Google+ Statistics with http://socialstatistics.com/

To create a Google+ page for your business, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Create a page

  1. Firstly, if you haven’t already created a personal Google+ profile, you will need to do this now.
  2. Go to https://plus.google.com/pages/create
  3. Choose a page type from the five main categories.
    1# Local Business or Place 2# Product or Brand 3# Company, Institution or Organization 4# Arts, Entertainment or sports 5# Other
    Google+  create a page
  4. 4. Local Business or Place: Includes hotels, restaurants, places, stores or services.
    If you choose this category, you will be asked to select the Country in which your business is located and supply your primary phone number.If Google finds a matching result on Google Places using your phone number, it will use this information for your Google+ page. If it doesn’t you can add your business information to Google and continue on.
    Google+ adding local business place

Product or Brand:
Enter your Product or Brand name and website, and select a category from the drop down menu.
Google+ product brand page info

Company, Institution or Organization: Includes Companies, institutions, organizations and non-profit or similar entities. Here you will need to name your page and add your website details and choose an applicable category from the drop down menu.

Arts, Entertainment or Sports: This option is a good fit for Movies, TV, Music, Books, Sports and Shows. As in the above options you will enter your page name and website and choose an applicable category.

Other: If you don’t feel that your page fits any of the above options you can simply select other. Here you will name your page and add a website as above without having to select a category.

  1. For any of the above categories you will need to Choose your page content suitability
  2. Check out the Google+ Additional Terms of Service and tick the box to agree.
    Google+- age visibility

Step 2: Customise your page

  1. Add your page photo and tagline and continue.
    Google+ adding tagline and profile photo

You will then be asked to spread the word about your new page through your personal Google+ Profile. Since you haven’t completed your profile skip this section and Click on Finish to be taken to your page.

  1. You will now want to edit your page’s information. Edit your page by clicking on the Profile icon at the top left of the Search Google+ box. Then Click through your Tabs to edit each section.Editing from here is simple. Click on each section from your page name, Hours, Contact information and links to edit and add relevant information. Also be sure to add your Facebook and Twitter details to your links section.
    Google+ editing about information
  2. Lastly you will need to add a profile picture and photos to your photo strip under your page name. Again this can be done by clicking on the section and then uploading your image.
  3. Congratulations! Your Google+ Page is ready. You can now start sharing your page through your personal page and circles.

Want some edge for your Google+ page? Talk to the team at Mediamojo today about how we can brand your page with clever Profile Images and Photo strips.

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