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How to create a Successful Company Blog

How to create a Successful Company Blog

How to create a Successful Company Blog

The difference between having a Company Blog and having a Successful Company Blog can be challenging, however considering the impact a successful blog can have on your search engine optimization (SEO) it’s worth taking the dive. According to recent data, companies that blog can generate 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages which of course means subsequently more business.

Below are 5 steps to help kick start your blogging success:

Step 1:

Unique, Engaging Content found among the masses on the internet will always attract an audience because it is information that they don’t already know. Maybe the subject has already been discussed but you have a different take on it, but keep in mind that repeat content is boring and therefore unlikely to attract interest. Useful content is always being sourced, take your client questions for example, most likely they aren’t the only ones asking the question, taking inspiration from these could be a be a great approach to writing engaging and informative content. Keep it industry related as opposed to your company, people won’t read your posts if they feel like their being sold to. So what do you write about? Industry updates, news, how to’s and important general information relating to your services and or products that your consumers/clients need/want to know.

Step 2:

Updating your Social Media such as Facebook of Twitter is also very important and helps drive traffic to your blog. By updating your blog posts to your social media platforms it reminds your followers, people who are interested in your business/company of new entries/content. You can also add social media share links/buttons to the bottom of each post allowing people to share your posts within their own social media networks spreading the word amongst their own friends and followers.

Step 3:

Frequent updating is vital in order for your blog to be successful. By publishing posts about 2-3 times a week, content is kept fresh, attracting readers and search engine robots for SEO. By maintaining an active blog you show your audience that you are a professional in your industry keeping up to date with current trends. This allows you to create followers by allowing readers to subscribe via RSS feed and receive direct updates when you post to your blog.

Step 4:

Including relevant keywords (industry and topic) in your posts is a great way to make sure your posts are found in search engine results by users looking for that particular topic. Developing a list of keywords for each post and using these words as often as possible while still engaging your readers can be challenging, however these keywords will assist with ranking on search engine results and increase traffic for your website.

Step 5:

Allowing comments on each of your posts allows readers to give feedback, reply or create a discussion about your post. Many Companies are hesitant to allow comments due to negative feedback that may arise. However, negative comments can be an opportunity to speak directly with that person and offer suggestions, advice and solutions. Address them by name and reply in a way that shows you value their opinion or feedback. For businesses that are still very hesitant, you have the option to moderate comments before they are posted publicly, or delete if necessary.

Need help setting up a blog? Talk to the team at Mediamojo about how we can guide you on the path to successful blogging.


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