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How to create coupon codes in WooCommerce

How to create coupon codes in WooCommerce

With EOFY all wrapped up, it was the perfect opportunity to seize those fabulous goodies you’ve been eyeing all year—at incredible discounts! As you prepare for the upcoming sale events for the rest of the year, if you manage an e-commerce store and find it challenging to create coupons within your WooCommerce store, there’s no need to fret! This guide is your ticket to coupon success.

Let’s start with the quick version. Keep scrolling for a more detailed explanation.
  1. Click WooCommerce > Coupons.

  2. Click Add Coupon.

  3. Choose a coupon code name and fill out the details.

  4. Change general, usage restriction and usage limit details.

  5. Click Publish.

Here’s a more in depth how to set up those exciting coupons in your WooCommerce store:

Screenshots are included for additional clarification.

First, hover over the marketing dashboard tab and click coupons. 

This will take you to the Coupons dashboard, where you can see all your discounts, if you’ve created them already. You can go back to this area whenever you need to create a new coupon or edit existing ones. Click on the Add coupon button to begin creating your coupon code.

Enter a coupon code name and description (optional but helpful for your records). Clicking “Generate Coupon” will automatically create a code for you. Should you click this by mistake, simply replace the auto-generated code text with one of your choosing.

Next up, we’re diving into the Coupon Data Area to configure general, usage restriction and usage limit details.

We start in the general section and your options are:

Choose the discount type:

  • Percentage discount: Applies a percentage discount to the entire cart.
  • Fixed cart discount: Applies a fixed amount of discount to the entire cart.
  • Fixed product discounts: Applies a fixed amount of discount to any products of your choosing, rather than the entire cart.

Select the coupon amount using only numerical amount; refrain from including currency symbols or percent signs.

To offer free shipping exclusively through this coupon, enable the Free Shipping option. Our team will need to configure this in your WooCommerce shipping settings first before it works. Many e-commerce stores either incorporate shipping costs into their prices or provide free shipping after a specified purchase amount. Generally, you won’t need to enable this option.

Coupon Expiry Date – Feel free to select a coupon expiry date or leave it blank if not necessary. An example of why you may leave the expiry date blank is if you are limiting it to a specific number of people, a feature we’ll delve into shortly.

Let’s move on to Usage Restriction:

Minimum Spend: Specify the minimum required purchase amount (subtotal) for the coupon to be valid, if applicable.

Maximum Spend: Choose the maximum allowable purchase amount (subtotal) if applicable.

Individual Use Only: Enable this if the coupon can’t work without coupons.

Exclude sale items: Enable this if you want the coupon to only with regular priced items and not those on sale.

The following four sections allow you to specify if the coupons should apply to particular products or product categories. You may also choose to exclude certain products or categories as needed with certain coupons you create. Simply begin typing the product or category and it should appear automatically. Please select this option to apply it in the panel.

Email restrictions: You can restrict the coupon to only being used by the email addresses that you apply here. Offering an individual customer a discount by email can be advantageous for customer support, especially when resolving an issue.

Please note that not all of these items need to have anything in them for you to create a coupon, it will just help you if you need to isolate selections.

Finally, we end off with Usage Limits:

Usage limit per coupon: How many times this coupon can be used until it’s void.

Usage limit per user: How many times the customer can use the coupon. Will use billing email or the user ID for logged in users to avoid the coupon being used multiple times by the same customer.

Now it’s time to publish your coupon!

Press the blue publish button to publish your first coupon code.

Let’s test the coupon code!

It’s a good idea to give the coupon code a test run before unleashing it! Imagine accidentally setting up a 100% off coupon sale; that wouldn’t be a party your business wants to crash!

Simply input the coupon code at the cart or checkout and click “Apply Coupon” to see it in action.

Ensure to test any specific limitations you’ve set, such as quantities or product restrictions. For instance, if your code excludes sale items, try applying a sales item to your cart to test it’s functionality.

Creating more advanced coupon codes:

We’re available to answer any questions you have about coupons! If these coupon code options don’t meet your specific needs, we have plenty of options for creating more dynamic discounts.

Contact us and we can help you explore these options that are most suitable to your business.

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