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How to POP throughout COVID-19

How to POP throughout COVID-19

How to POP throughout COVID-19

A well-designed popup can be a very effective way to communicate with your customer base. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that our message is clear and direct. We need to clearly communicate that we’re open for business and this is how we’re now operating.

Below, we’ve listed some advantages to incorporating a popup into your website and how Mediamojo can help you to achieve this.

Advantages of Popups



The most common type of popup happens immediately upon landing onto a website; making it impossible for someone to miss. This could be an extremely useful tool to grab the attention of a confused viewer throughout this uncertain time.


Most of us have had some sort of change to the way we conduct our business services, it’s important we communicate this immediately with our customers. Using Pop ups, we can quickly and effectively let our customers know that we’re still trading and the changes, if any, that are affecting business.

3.Gain more of a following

They can be very useful at gaining more subscriptions, which in-turn can help you to keep your business moving forward throughout COVID-19. Add a newsletter subscription form to your pop up and watch your client database grow.

4.Completely customizable

Years ago, a popup was just an annoying little square that appeared in the middle of your screen with an elusive exit button that required a magnifying glass to find! These days, they can appear from the side of your screen, you can create a less intrusive bar at the top/bottom of the screen or – if you think your message is engaging enough – they can fill the entire screen; making it impossible for any viewer to miss. They can also be branded so that they sit nicely within the rest of your content. They can also be controlled to appear only when required and not become an annoying distraction every time an existing customer comes to your site.

5.They’re so versatile!

Popups are capable of so many things. No matter what industry you work in, we can design and build an effective popup relative to your specific message. New opening hours, important news updates or even a food menu.

Case Study

Recently, we created a popup for La Vida Restaurant, a popular establishment located on Hastings Street, Noosa. They wanted everyone to know that they are still functioning and providing the local community with fantastic food via their takeaway menu. Take a look!


During this very strange and unnerving period, it’s important to let our customers know that we’re there for them and that we are going to get through this together. A popup could be a very effective way to get that message across for any business type.If you want to POP throughout COVID-19, get in touch with Mediamojo today!

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