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How to use your mobile phone as a scanner for photos or documents

How to use your mobile phone as a scanner for photos or documents

How to use your mobile phone as a scanner for photos or documents

You can use your mobile phone for almost anything these days and scanning your printed photos and documents is no exception. Whether you want to digitalize your photo collection or send an important document, but don’t have a fax or scanner available, your smartphone is the answer.

With free apps available such as Shoebox, available for both iPhone and Android, you can quickly scan your printed photos or documents, archive them and share with your social media or email contacts. It won’t replicate the same quality as a high res scanner but with high quality mobile cameras such as the iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S 111 you can get a great result.

To Get Started

What you will need:

  1. Shoebox App
  2. A microfiber cloth or alcohol-based cleaning wipes
  3. A well-lit area with lots of natural filtered light and few shadows
  4. Your Smartphone

Step 1: If you haven’t already, download the Shoebox app and sign up/sign in. You can also log in with Facebook.

Step 2: Prep your photos; using the microfiber cloth dust off your photos and for stubborn finger prints wipe gently with your alcohol-based cleaning wipes (do not use wipes on paper documents).

Step 3: Launch your Shoebox app and press the red camera button. With your photo placed flat lying down in your well-lit area, position your phone parallel to the photo / document, tap the screen to focus and press the shutter button.

Step 4: You can now crop the photo by dragging the crop lines into the sides of the photo. Shoebox will automatically fix the perspective of the photo based on how you crop the image.

Step 5: You can then adjust the brightness and saturation to closely match the original. You will then be prompted to put the image in a Shoebox (much like an album) if you wish.

Step 6: Finally add important information to your photo such as the year the photo was taken, of whom and where.

Repeat the process for all additional photos and you’re done. All scanned photos will be saved directly to your mobile camera roll and be made available online via the link provided at the bottom of your app’s upload tab.

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