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How you can use Webmail to check emails on the go, setup autoresponders & more!

How to use Webmail

How you can use Webmail to check emails on the go, setup autoresponders & more!

If your website and email is hosted with us, you can access Webmail which has some extra email features that you may not know about. In this post we will talk about how you can have instant access to these useful email tools:

  • Check your email via a web browser
  • Setup or adjust the spam filter
  • Setup autoresponders
  • Update your password
  • View details on how to setup your email on different devices
  • Setup a forwarder
  • Track email delivery (not available for all accounts)

How to access webmail

To access webmail, just open your favourite website browser then just add “/webmail” to the end of your website url eg. www.yourwebsite.com.au/webmail and login with your email and password.

Check your email via a web browser

A good time to use webmail is when you are on a shared computer, on the go or when you can’t use your preferred e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird). Webmail has quite basic email functionality, but you can compose and read emails that are currently on the server (usually 14 days’ worth depending on your email configuration). There are 2 applications which you can choose from to view your mail: Horde and Roundcube. Either one is fine for basic email functions. If you need more features, you will need to use an email client.

Setup / adjust spam filter

We advise caution when adjusting this as it will automatically discard emails. Instead it is good to find out where the spam is coming from. If it is coming from your website forms, we can add a captcha to stop spam coming through here. Please just contact us and we can set this up for you.

Setup autoresponders

Going away but need to let you customers / clients know? You can setup your own autoresponders in webmail. Just navigate to Autoresponders and “Add Autoresponder”. Then you can fill in the fields for From, Subject, Email Body, Start Date and End Date. These can be edited or deleted at any time. You can only have 1 autoresponder per email address. You will only be able to setup an autoresponder for the email you are logged into. If you need a hand setting this up, just let us know and we can set this up for you.

Update your password

Need to update your password? Just go to “Password & Security”. Here you can generate or enter a new password. Don’t forget to also update your password to your new password in any email clients you have setup. If you need help with this, please just let us know.

Setup a forwarder

Need to setup a forwarder? You can do this under “Forwarders”. You will only be able to setup a forwarder for the email you are logged into. If you need additional forwarders setup, please just let us know.

Track email delivery

Not sure if an email you sent went through? You can check through “Track Delivery”. You can search by email or view all. Track delivery stores records for 30 days. Please note that not all accounts have access to this.

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