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Landing page quick start guide

Landing page quick start guide

Learn how to use a landing page to increase sales. Discover best practices and helpful tips to increase your conversion rates.

What is a landing page and why do I need one?

A common question. Did you know multiple landing pages on your website can have a huge benefit when targeting diverse customers to purchase your product or service? A little more on this later, for now I will attempt to breakdown the basic structure of a landing page.

A landing page can be a single page, or multiple pages, on your website designed to promote a product or service to your customers, also known as your target market. The idea is to prompt action from the visitor to convert them into a potential customer, which is referred to as a lead. This is typically done by the visitor signing up to an email opt in form.

We already have a high converting home page so why do we need a landing page?

The benefit of a landing page over home page is that you can target a particular audience or demographic through digital advertising. For example, If you sell furniture and people are looking to buy furniture in your local area, they may click on your paid search listing (google ad) which will direct them to your tailored landing page, which is then designed to convert to a lead.

Landing page structure

Information on landing pages should get right to the point without any distractions. Landing pages do not follow the typical format of a standard home page where there is; navigation bar, footer, links to blog or other content relating to products or services.
Here is an example of simple and effective landing page. Its goal is to convert, join membership and exit the page.

Samsara landing page design

How to plan your landing page content

Content should be based on exactly what the visitor is looking for, while promoting the product or service through a call-to-action. Keep it simple and relevant, if you’re message is too complex it will drive your visitors away.

Content creation tips:

  • Write compelling headlines and copy that will appeal to visitor emotions.
  • Grab visitor attention by using action words
  • Implement design elements such us emphasied type, colour, demonstration videos, call-to-actions including a streamlined opt-in form to help boost your conversion rate
  • Use bullet points to focus on the benefits of the product and how it can assist the customer
  • Display customer testimonials, facts and figures to make your claims accountable
  • Focus on value and demonstrate how the customer is receiving a special product or service offer

Benefits of multiple landing pages

Having multiple landing pages enables you to promote a variety of offers that are relevant to specific audience needs. This is called segmentation, which is a marketing strategy to increase conversion rates through multiple offers.

Multiple landing pages also have the benefit of have more pages indexed in search results that will increase traffic for each offer.

So if you’re keen to promote your products/services, get more leads and make more sales, give us a call.  Mediamojo will help you put together a landing page strategy and guide you through the process.

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