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Update & the i-Pad

Update & the i-Pad

Hi from the team at Mediamojo, we have been very very busy in the last month or so!  We have welcomed a number of new clients and have been working on some great graphic design projects (mostly local from the Noosa area but plenty from interstate as well) plenty of brochures, fantastic looking business cards and display folders and not to mention the ever growing request to build trendy looking websites.

But as we progress so does technology and its very important for us to stay abreast of it all. With the recent launch of the i-Pad we may be needing to take a step back in the world of Flash development as the guys at Apple are taking serious concern that Flash is sometimes “unsecure” and can cause bugs in some of Apples browsing functions. ( find more at http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/editors/24731/ )

This doesnt mean that we will curb our Flash design and interactivity, it just means that when it comes time to develop your site, we need to consider your audience with greater scrutiny – who is browsing on i-Pad’s or i-Phones!? At Mediamojo we really want to create something for you and your businesses future.

We are currently taking a look at various J-Query (javascript based) plugins and testing out a few to see whats really cutting edge and what can help with interactivity, design and functionality.

In our next post we will visually display some of our latest work and you can try out a couple of funky web interactive elements and let us know what you think!!

Looking forward to working on your next project, whether it be big or small!!

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Mediamojo is a small but feisty web and graphic design studio located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in jobs big and small, encompassing all that's needed in design for Print, Web... and lots more!

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