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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023

What a year it’s been! I can’t believe we’ll soon be jumping into 2023. Having overcome so much these last few years the future looks bright and optimistic (just don’t watch the news).

So much has changed in the way business is done, remote working, cloud based solutions, QR codes, E-commerce booms, the online digital revolution have all made a huge impact. Mediamojo has been super busy helping our customers step up their digital presence, whether it’s a new website or an update and refresh of an old one. The need to maintain and grow your online presence has become an obvious and successful business strategy. We’ve seen nothing but positive results for those that acknowledge the importance of their website.

As usual, Mediamojo has been in a constant state of evolution, absorbing new design trends and practising gold standards in SEO design practices, our sites have never looked and performed so well. We’ve researched and streamlined our build structure to ensure the sites we build are lightweight and robust. We’ve also overhauled our hosting services to ensure your sites are protected and well resourced. We’ve continued to offer only fully custom designed solutions. We see so many cooky cutter sites, we want to ensure our sites stand out from the crowd and provide our customers with a personal solution.

Though we’re on the lookout for additional staff, Mediamojo is so lucky to have dedicated, talented and super amazing team members.  Thank you to Carly and Kyla for the awesome work you’ve both produced in 2022. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the quality and volume of work we deliver at Mediamojo. The team here is an absolute marvel.  The attention to detail and to customer satisfaction is second to none.  I constantly receive your praise for the work Carly and Kyla have done for you, thank you! It means a lot to us to know we’re getting it right.

So, what’s on the cards for 2023? We’ll not be twiddling our thumbs, that’s for sure. In the lead up to Christmas we’ve already establish a very healthy start to the new year. We’ll continue to build on that and keep our self-development a priority, ensuring we’re only offering the best and most up to date solutions possible. By all reports, 2023 is going to be a difficult year for business, but there’s opportunity for those that plan and action, rather than for those that wait and see.

A very special thank you to all of you, our customers. You keep us busy and inspired. Your ongoing support and projects are the lifeblood of Mediamojo. You’re all awesome. The diversity in industries, needs and projects, keeps our skills honed and flexible.  Without you we would not be here doing what we love to do – Thank you!

Mediamojo is taking a short break over the Christmas period to spend time with our loved ones and to recharge our batteries. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year. Enjoy, celebrate and eat way too much.

See you in 2023


John Banitsiotis
John Banitsiotis
Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Kirk, Splinter, every great team has a great leader, for when the crazy stuff goes down, you need someone there to hold it together and keep everyone feeling safe. John is not only the founder but the creative manifestation of Mediamojo itself. For John, its hard to see how really talented he is for modesty is the best policy, but his level of skill is unparalleled. Having mastered illustration and almost every visual design discipline known to man, John can give any project the professional visage it requires.

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