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Move your wholesale business online with Mediamojo

Move your wholesale business online with Mediamojo

Wholesale without the hassle

Retail or wholesale? Trying to decide which business model will expedite your business growth?

Or are you a current wholesaler that is constantly looking for ways to automate your services, expand your market, and increase your sales volume?

What if I told you, you could unify both retail and wholesale businesses on the same channel, or we can build a fresh, custom designed wholesale e-commerce website made from scratch!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So where do you start? Mediamojo has a simple solution.

Adding wholesale to your store has never been so easy. We use Wholesale Suite to add or create wholesale functionality to your business online. We use this feature due to its easy integration, automated services and feature packed benefits! The capabilities of Wholesale Suite will super charge your website!

This process is simple and allows you to continuously sell wholesale 24/7 and reach mobile customers. We have used this functionality across many of our e-commerce websites and love what it offers our clients.

Everyone is talking about doing everything online. And for good reason. Below are just a few of the benefits of moving your wholesale business online.

Grow your network of suppliers easily

  •  Streamline the operations of your business with automated registration services.
  • Allows for the creation of a registration process.
  • Personalise the process by managing the content for the registration form.
  •  Customisable form and emails sent to potential wholesale customers.
  • Moderate approvals manually or automatically through your emails.
  • Effortlessly upgrade your existing customers to become wholesale.

 Same product different pricing

  •  Quickly add wholesale prices to your products.
  • Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with separate pricing.
  • Set minimum orders or ordering quantities.
  • Create tiered pricing and dynamic discounts.
  • Choose the products that are only visible to retail and wholesale customers.

Create an enjoyable purchase experience for your customers

  • Sell through tablet and mobile devices.
  • Save time by automated inventory updates.
  • Show or hide content easily.
  • Upgrade to a premium one-page order form making enjoyable purchase experience.


 Start utilising the benefits from your retail and wholesale business going online today! All in all, there are a lot of advantages of moving online and Mediamojo is here to help.

Mediamojo can help grow your business by converting or adding wholesale to your store. Call the team at 07 5455 5058 to discuss your options.

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Kyla Schaan
From the snow-covered mountain peaks she called home, Kyla has come to us, bringing more than Maple Syrup, Grizzly Bears and Ryan Reynolds. Kyla brings her amazing ability to interpret your business and provide you with an awesome digital solution. Her abilities are many, from design to function and everything in between, Kyla can brainstorm and evolve a design to perfectly meet the needs of your project. Giving up the Northern Lights for our southern sun, Kyla is committed to her quest to explore new and uncharted design principles, to offer you only the best for your next website project.

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