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Bridge Learning

The Client

Welcome to our world of educational magic! At Bridge Learning, their all about unlocking the potential of young minds through exciting programs in literacy, numeracy, study skills and writing. Their here to help kids shine bright in their academic journey, offering tailored support and evidence-based strategies to make learning a little bit easier.

Sally at Bridge Learning customises tutoring programs for children and teens, addressing those with formal diagnoses like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, as well as those seeking additional support in their academics.

The Job

Bridge Learning approached Mediamojo for a custom made logo, brochure design, business cards and website. The collaboration brought to life a new logo that captures the essence of growth and learning, brochures that effectively communicate the brand’s message and a website that offers an intuitive, engaging user experience with easy to use booking forms.

Logo Design:

Our main objective was to create a logo that embodies Bridge Learnings core values with a touch of sophistication. We explored various color schemes and design elements to symbolise growth and learning in a subtle yet impactful manner. The logo was carefully crafted to resonate with the target audience while maintaining a professional look and feel. Our design incorporates themes of learning, growth and progress using colors, typography and imagery that align with educational concepts.

Brochure Design & Business Cards:

The brochure and business cards have been crafted with a cohesive design theme that seamlessly complements the logo and website aesthetics. Information is thoughtfully presented in a clear and organised format, effectively delivering key messages. Strategic selection of imagery and visuals enhances the content, maintaining a professional look and feel throughout.

Website Design:

The website design showcases a clean, structured layout for seamless visitor navigation, ensuring an easy and engaging browsing experience. Key focuses of our design strategy include clear call-to-actions, user-friendly interfaces and concise program details. We place a high priority on user-friendly navigation, keeping vital information readily accessible and integrating visual engagement with user-friendly site functionality.

We’ve organised content logically, optimised visuals for clarity and impact, and prioritised user-friendly features to significantly enhance the Bridge Learning experience. The inclusion of the program forms directly into the website’s structure increases functionality, making it simpler for users to browse, select, and book the programs that best meet their needs, thereby seamlessly connecting them with Bridge Learning’s offerings.

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