Buy Local Sunshine Coast

The Client

From its sleepy coastal town days to the thriving tourism hub it is now, one thing has always remained a constant feature of the Sunshine Coast community landscape: local business. They are not only the face of the Sunshine Coast, but its beating, creative and hard-working heart. In 2021, Buy Local Sunshine Coast was born to create stronger connections between local businesses and consumers and to act as a platform to showcase small business.

Buy Local Sunshine Coast Buy Local Sunshine Coast

The Job

The Buy Local Sunshine Coast project is an exciting platform for local businesses to engage and interact with their local customers. Being purely locally focused gives local business an upper hand to connect with their target market and compete for business without external competition. In turn, local communities are able to direct their commerce needs into a source which provides them with a local solution. Community interaction and support help drive the referral and success of the platform, ensuring greater exposure for each business member.

Our aim was to provide a site that serves both user and businesses collectively, creating an environment that the whole community can benefit from. Our design will enable all business to promote themselves within a structure that is uniquely Buy Local. The range of business support services on the directory website helps members make the most of their online profile and Special Offers, leading to better return for the business and greater value for the customer.

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Buy Local Sunshine Coast Directory Website

Buy Local Sunshine Coast Directory Website Design

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