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Cancer Care Associates

Cancer Care Associates logo

The Client

Exceptional and compassionate, Cancer Care Partners combine innovative research, world-class facilities and powerful therapeutic breakthroughs with a human, compassionate touch that honours your cancer experience.

Our first priority is the well-being of our patients. With a keen focus on equity, we serve, heal, educate and innovate at the highest levels.

Cancer Care Associates Website

The Job

Say goodbye to boring and hello to a brand new look! Cancer Care Associates teamed up with Mediamojo to give their outdated websites and confusing branding a fresh, modern makeover.

Mediamojo’s mission was to bring cohesion to the brand and tie all clinics together with a consistent style. A brand new logo set the tone for a complete revamp, from the corporate style guide to social media profiles, ads, email signatures, and more. Get ready to shine with a brand that truly represents the amazing work you do.

Cancer Care Associates cancer website

Mediamojo joined forces with Cancer Care Associates to revolutionize their online presence! By merging all separate sites into one seamless platform, patients can easily access information, and Cancer Care Associates can keep it up-to-date.

Working with top-notch experts, the website boasts not only valuable information, but also a fun and engaging experience. Despite the sensitive nature of cancer treatments, Mediamojo chose to highlight the positive impact of Cancer Care Associates.

The cancer website shines bright, with a fresh and modern look that adapts to any device – desktop or mobile. It’s an inviting and accessible window into Cancer Care Associates’ world.

And for those seeking a clinic, the website even includes a store locator to find the closest one and see its services. Custom-designed clinic pages and enhanced store locator features simplify your search for the best care!

Cancer Care Associates Website Design

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