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Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery

Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery Logo

The Client

At Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery, we use a patient-centered approach to provide world class care. Our multidisciplinary team consists of a hip and knee surgeon, a nurse practitioner, a general practitioner and support staff who work together with your referring practitioner and physiotherapist to develop a bespoke treatment plan. For patients where surgery is recommended, Dr Connon is trained in advanced surgical techniques that are at the forefront of evidence for reducing recovery time and pain, such as minimally invasive anterior hip replacement surgery, robotic knee replacement surgery, knee arthroscopy including ACL reconstruction and complex revision arthroplasty.

Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery Logo
Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery Website
Dr Frank Connon

The Job

Check out this awesome logo and orthopaedic website we completed for Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery!

Logo Design

We kicked things off by tackling the branding, creating a strong visual foundation that would carry through all future projects. We worked with the client to develop a Brand Identity that included a sleek new logo, corporate color scheme, and graphical elements that would set them apart from the competition. This new brand became the basis for all future visual representations of the company.

Website Design

Next up, we turned our attention to their website. Our goal was to create a stunning and intuitive interface that would showcase their range of professional medical services. We implemented cutting-edge design and functionality to ensure the site would look great on all devices, from mobile to desktop. And of course, we made sure the site was an extension of their new branding, creating a clean, stylish, and easy-to-navigate environment for their customers.

To communicate the philosophy of the business quickly, we used a range of visually striking images that highlighted their key services and procedures. We made sure that Frank himself and the range of orthopaedic procedures were front and center on the site, accessible via different navigational elements to maximize site traffic. The end result was a website that truly reflected the professionalism and expertise of Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery!

Coastal Orthopaedic Surgery Website Design

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