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Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style

The Client

Eclectic Style is a proud Australian, family-owned retailer based in the heart of Noosa. They specialise in unique and bespoke furniture, homewares and art. As a market leader for furnishings and homewares, their store in Noosa is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a special item and unforgettable shopping experience.

Eclectic Style furniture ecommerce website
Eclectic Style furniture

The Job

Take a seat (yes, even if it’s not from Eclectic Style… yet), and let me tell you the story of how we took the digital reins for the most stylish furniture hotspot in Noosa. Eclectic Style isn’t your average furniture store, and they needed a website with personality to match every unique piece of their curated collection.

Cue the transformation: We waved goodbye to Shopify and ushered in the era of WordPress, decking it out with Woocommerce for a shopping experience as smooth as their polished wood finishes. We’re talking sleek navigation, crisp galleries, and a checkout process that’s as hassle-free as a Sunday morning in an Eclectic Style lounge chair.

With a touch of code and a dash of creativity, we cooked up a website that’s a true reflection of Eclectic Style’s ethos – blending functionality with that Noosa family-owned charm. We meticulously crafted a design that captures the essence of their in-store magic, digitally.

But, we didn’t just build a website. Oh no, we fashioned an online sanctuary where browsers transform into buyers, and buyers become part of the Eclectic Style family. The new platform isn’t just user-friendly; it’s like chatting with an old friend – easy to get along with and always there when you need it.

We took the personal touch that Eclectic Style is famed for in the flesh and polished it up for the pixels. Every paragraph, every picture, every product you see is a part of a bigger picture – a seamless shopping soiree from the comfort of your own home.

This isn’t just an eCommerce site; it’s a gateway to the Eclectic Style universe, where every click is a step into a world of stylish comfort and homegrown aesthetic. We’re beyond proud that through our collaboration, we’ve tailored a digital narrative that’s truly engaging – a narrative where every scroll through their website is as inviting as stepping into their Noosa store.

So, go ahead – dive in, explore, and find that statement piece you’ve been dreaming of. Welcome to Eclectic Style, re-imagined online.

Eclectic Style website design

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