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Heroes Allied Health

The Client

Founded by Director Jeanne Georgius three years ago, Heroes Allied Health has been our valued client ever since. Their dedicated clinicians are passionate about delivering exceptional care to individuals dealing with disabilities and chronic health issues. By engaging in collaborative efforts with a diverse team of medical experts and allied health professionals, they consistently deliver outstanding outcomes for their clients while providing a comprehensive array of allied health services. Heroes Allied Health’s team has doubled in size from its modest beginnings, now comprising a substantial number of clinicians!

The Job

Revamping the Heroes Allied Health website was an exciting chance to spotlight the company’s impressive growth and evolution over the past three years under Director Jeanne Georgius. This redesigned website serves as a key tool in effectively communicating these positive changes. With its modern design, the vibrant homepage instantly captivates visitors, contributing to the growth of the Heroes Allied Health brand.  The new content elevates the company’s image, reinforces them as an established and professional allied health brand, emphasising their commitment to delivering exceptional care for individuals dealing with disabilities and chronic health issues.

The “Team” page, with its personalised introductions highlighting qualifications and specialties, adds a human touch, fostering trust and connection with potential clients. The redesigned website, boasting updated content and a user-friendly interface, plays a pivotal role in solidifying Heroes Allied Health’s position as a leader in the allied health industry, actively supporting their continuous growth and success.

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