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IN Noosa Magazine

IN Noosa Magazine logo

The Client

As Noosa’s premium lifestyle magazine, IN Noosa captures the spirit of local people and the essence of the place. IN Noosa Magazine INforms, INdulges and INspires readers with every issue.

IN Noosa Magazine Website
IN Noosa Magazine
IN Noosa Magazine issues

The Job

The aim of the website was to create an attractive and engaging interface while keeping with the current design style / branding and above all, create a place where users can interact and consume the magazine content in a digital format. The old website was getting a bit clunky and difficult to use overtime. As a result, Mediamojo really wanted to make some improvements which would keep the site organised and display the latest content. Because the site is heavily post driven, the blog posts also needed to display nicely so we created custom category pages with aesthetically appealing background images. Cutting edge design and functionality were applied throughout the site to ensure the new website would be easy to use on all devices; mobile, tablet and desktop.

The site is not only a source of magazine content, but also includes podcasts, a service directory, e-commerce shopping and bill payment functionality. With all of these integrations and functionality, the website will become an integral extension of the business by enhancing productivity and consumer engagement.

Website Features:

The new IN Noosa magazine website was HUGE project, because it was so jam packed with features and functionality! Some of these include:

  • Fully featured blog post functionality
  • Podcasts posts with an embedded audio player
  • Gallery blog posts
  • An ecommerce shop to buy previous issues
  • Subscription based products for yearly magazine subscriptions
  • Shop follow up emails, reminders, etc.
  • Purchasable photographs
  • A store locator with addresses where a copy of IN Noosa can be purchased
  • Facebook event importer to feed in the current events
  • Directory listing functionality
  • Placement for purchasable ad spaces
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Instagram gallery / feed
  • Team and author pages
  • 301 redirects
  • & more!

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