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The Client

For over 40 years Rockcote has been one of Australia’s most loved and trusted brands and manufacturers of Cement and Coloured Render, Textures, Paint and Natural Materials coatings for residential and commercial buildings.

Rockcote website
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The Job

Rockcote came to Mediamojo in need of a complete website design overhaul. Their previous website was very functional and informative but it greatly lacked inspiration. Because Rockcote doesn’t sell directly to customers, they sell to suppliers, their new site had to be more about showcasing what their product can do and better reflect their company philosophy. The new custom built website aesthetic is much more contemporary and engaging. It incorporates some new colours and imagery to really showcase a more natural look and feel. Immersive video it used to quickly show what the website is about and to establish the overall feel of the site.

We also incorporated a new interactive Systems Tool to help suppliers / customers find what products they need to achieve a certain look.

Rockcote website design

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