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Website Design

Siamon Emery

The Client

In the realm of neuroscience and the burgeoning embodied movement, a profound understanding of our physiology is emerging, particularly in trauma. Siamon, sharing a challenging upbringing, emphasizes the impact of an embodied survival drive and introduces the Embodied Process—a bottom-up approach to address trauma and stress-related issues. This holistic method aims for higher levels of freedom in physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological realms. Siamon also offers mentoring, combining trauma-informed insights with manifestation teachings, promising a unique understanding for transformative outcomes.

The Job

At Mediamojo, we are thrilled to collaborate with Siamon Emery, a visionary in the realm of neuroscience and embodied movement. With his groundbreaking Embodied Process, addressing trauma and stress-related issues through a holistic approach, Siamon seeks to share his transformative insights with a wider audience. To amplify his mission, we created custom one-page scroller that encapsulates the essence of his work. Our design prioritised captivating imagery that communicates the profound connection between mind, body and spirit. We understand the importance of creating an engaging user experience, incorporating smooth scrolling effects and intuitive navigation. By seamlessly integrating a booking system for direct appointment scheduling and strategically placing a contact form, we enhance smooth communication for potential clients on his website. By focusing on a visually appealing and user-friendly design, we aim to elevate Siamon’s online presence, providing a platform that mirrors the depth and uniqueness of his mentoring approach.

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