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Smart Pups

Smart Pups logo

The Client

Smart Pups is a not-for-profit charity organisation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They specialise in providing trained service dogs to assist children with special needs. Their goal is to improve quality of life of children with special needs by training assistance dogs in task-specific skills.

Smart Pups new mobile friendly website
Smart Pups puppy in training
Smart Pups assistance dogs

The Job

Empowering Connections: Smart Pups’ Digital Transformation

From Basic to Brilliant: A Seamless Transition
Smart Pups faced a pivotal challenge: an outdated, clunky website. Seeking modernization, they approached Mediamojo for a dynamic overhaul. The aim? To unveil a charity website that’s not just visually appealing but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Purpose-Driven Design: Enhancing User Experience
Today, a website is more than an online presence; it’s a key engagement tool. For Smart Pups, the priority was crafting a site that guides visitors seamlessly. Whether they aim to donate or seek services, users now enjoy a fluid journey, effortlessly finding their desired information.

Integration and Unity: Simplifying Engagement
The revamped website introduces a notable upgrade: integrated functionality. The need for external donation or shopping sites is eliminated, streamlining user interactions. This cohesive approach keeps visitors engaged, fostering a stronger connection with Smart Pups’ mission.

Mobile-First: Supporting On-the-Move Donations
Recognizing the surge in mobile use, the new site boasts complete mobile compatibility. Supporters can now interact with Smart Pups, make donations, and explore services anytime, anywhere. This mobile-friendly design ensures that the charity stays connected with its community, regardless of their device.

The rejuvenation of Smart Pups’ charity website signifies a leap toward greater community engagement and accessibility. Through thoughtful design and strategic integration, the site not only reaches but resonates with its audience, making every interaction impactful in advancing Smart Pups’ commendable cause.

Smart pups website design

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