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Tewantin Market Garden

Tewantin Market Garden logo

The Client

Tewantin Market Garden are a family owned and operated Fruit Shop in Tewantin, QLD. They support over 40 local farmers and artisans and we celebrate the changing of our seasons.

Tewantin Market Garden letterhead
Tewantin Market Garden signage
Tewantin Market Garden logo design

The Job

Fresh from the Ground Up: Supermarket Branding for Tewantin Market Garden

Sprouting New Identity: A Rich Story Unfolds
Tewantin Market Garden embarked on a rebranding journey aimed at infusing every bit of their unique story into the new logo and branding. It’s more than just showcasing fresh produce; it’s about sharing a story. The design merges modern with rustic, reflecting a narrative that’s both compelling and contemporary.

Rooted in Tradition, Flourishing in Style
Crafting Tewantin Market Garden’s visual identity meant capturing the very soul of their mission—supporting local farmers and producers. The branding reflects the supermarket’s deep-seated values of community and sustainability. Meanwhile, it highlights the natural beauty customers can expect in-store.

Harvesting Local Love: Purpose-Driven Branding
The new branding aims beyond attracting eyes; it’s designed to win hearts. Celebrating the rustic charm, authenticity, and the community’s roots, this reimagining supports their core mission. It champions local farmers and producers. This supermarket branding acts as a beacon for local excellence, symbolizing a heartfelt pledge to the community.

Blossoming with Intent: Every Detail Matters
Every chosen design element in Tewantin Market Garden’s branding tells part of their story, emphasizing the organic and genuine. This supermarket branding redefines the narrative, focusing every facet on their dedication to the community and the earth. It ingeniously brings people closer to nature, one product at a time.

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