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Tuff Aussie Plants

The Client

Tuff Aussie Plants are creating sustainable environments by growing resilient native species for your landscaping.

Tuff Aussie Plants Logo Design
Tuff Aussie Plants Website Design

The Job

Let’s dive into the story of Tuff Aussie Plants and their epic branding journey with Mediamojo! They came to us with a clear vision – they wanted a logo and eCommerce plant website that was stylish and corporate, none of that cliche or comical stuff. And boy did we deliver! We put our creative minds together to craft a logo that was totally Tuff Aussie Plants and would set them apart from the rest.

With the logo in the bag, it was time to focus on the website design. The main goal was to showcase their amazing products, so we made sure to design the site around that. We wanted to give the user all the information they needed to make informed decisions on their plant purchases.

But, as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words! So, we knew that having high-quality images of the products was essential to the success of their eCommerce site. That’s where our photography and editing skills came into play. We worked tirelessly to capture and present their products in the best possible light. The end result? A website that Tuff Aussie Plants can be proud of!

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