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Viking Trucks

The Client

The Job

The Client

Viking trucks has been selling the very best used trucks available in Australia now for around 20 years with the help of the super team Nicole, Katie and Jason.

Well known for our high quality trucks and specialising in Volvo. We pride ourselves at offering the best and latest model Volvo trucks in Australia and we are more than happy to offer any of our trucks for an independent inspection where required.

Viking Trucks business cards

The Job

Viking Trucks have been working with Mediamojo since 2014 when we started off by creating a logo. The logo needed to look and feel tough to reflect the name ‘Viking Trucks’. We came up with a graphic of a V with a viking sword forming the T and some viking style font.

With the business cards we were able to give it that little bit extra with a scodix coating over the sword to make it shiny just like a real sword.

The website was in need of a major overhaul as it was originally built back in 2015. Systems have greatly improved in 2020 and we were able to completely rework and redesign the website with all of the new technologies and styles available to us. The new website is not only easy for customers to use but also easy for Viking Trucks to use in the back end when adding in new trucks. Some custom coding was done to add in all of the extra truck fields into a specification table. The website is setup as an eCommerce website using Woocommerce with an enquiry system and online auction functionality. This will allow Viking Trucks to setup limited auction events to sell their trucks.

Some of the online auction features include:

  • Supports auction types: normal, reverse, silent, and proxy.
  • Many bid options:
    • Starting bid
    • Bid increments
    • Reserve Price
    • Buy it now price
    • Auction dates
    • & more
  • Customer pages:
    • My account
    • Past orders
    • My auctions
    • My watchlist
  • Real-time countdown display of time remaining on auction item
  • Automated email notifications:
    • Outbidded
    • Auction ending soon
    • Auction won
    • & more

Viking Trucks website

Viking Trucks website design

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