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Promoting your NEW website

Promoting your NEW website

You’ve just got a new website live but just don’t seem to be getting any traffic – this article will outline how you can start pushing traffic to your new website.

When we hand over your new website to you, we have already optimised it using basic SEO for its current content by implementing relevant keywords and techniques. We also submit your website to Google so that it can start being indexed and begin showing up in Google search results. But, depending on your industry, you may be quite a few pages in when searching for specific terms – especially if you have some big companies as competitors. Here are a few ways that you can start promoting your website to improve traffic:

Google Analytics

If we have built your website, we have installed Google Analytics and you can just ask us for access to this. You will need a Google account which you can create here. Once we have given you access to your website account you will be able to view all the data collected so far. Google Analytics collects quite a lot of data which can be very useful:

  • How many people visit per day / month etc
  • How long someone stays on the website
  • Where people are visiting the website from
  • What device people are using to view the website
  • How people are finding your website and for what keywords
  • And much more…

This can help determine what you can improve on – maybe there needs to be more content about a specific keyword?


If no one knows about your website, they won’t go to it. Sure they might be able to find you through a Google Search but it is also still important to advertise your website to try and let people that you exist. You can do this by advertising in a local magazine or paper. We can also design this up for you – just let us know the size you need and we can make an awesome ad to match your website!

Social Media

Depending on the industry of your company, a social media page can work very well. Keep followers interested by making updates about new products, services or new items on the website. Remember that ultimately you want to send people to your website to purchase or make enquiries so create teasers or promos which link to your website. Promote a coupon code, a sale or entice a discount with a newsletter sign up – we can also set this up for you with Mailchimp or a similar service.


Having something new on your website will give people a reason for coming back. Especially if you promote your posts via other outlets such as social media accounts. Blog posts are also good for adding new content which then helps your ranking. Try to integrate important keywords into your posts and this may help your Google Ranking. Check out our previous blog post here with tips on writing blog posts.


If you have a database of previous customers, use this. Sign up to a newsletter platform such as Mailchimp and through here you can create newsletters to send to your database. You can start by letting them know about your new website. Keep them updated with new products, sales etc. Need help with Mailchimp? Let us know – we can design up the perfect template for you that you can use for all your newsletters.


If after being live for quite awhile you are still not getting very much traffic, it might be time to try some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Please contact us and we can recommend some options such as Google Adwords.

Picture of Carly Murray
Carly Murray
Don’t let her quiet persona fool you! Carly is the creative assassin of digital design. Leaving no div open, she executes her coding with deadly accuracy, giving her designs bulletproof functionality. Having worked in agencies around the globe Carly has brought her talent and expertise to the front-line of the Mediamojo web and graphic design team Noosa. We’re just glad she’s on our side!

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