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RoundAboat client showcase

RoundAboat client showcase

Jason came to Mediamojo with a couple of images of funky round yellow boats which you can BBQ on while putting around the Noosa river with a silent electric engine. Sounds like a blast right!?

Our first task at Mediamojo was to come up with a fitting name for these cool new, round party boats. A Round boat in Noosa – land of the roundabout… Only fitting that it should be called RoundAboat we thought!

After the name was established we could move into the first stage of branding – The logo. Our aim was to create a logo that illustrated the round boat while having highly visible strong typography to grab the public’s attention while on the Noosa River. The logo was constructed as a badge style which will hopefully grow to become a Noosa river Icon.

Our next task was the website. The objective for the site was to design something which would connect with a wide demographic of people, tell RoundAboat’s story and be able to make bookings on the fly.

With clever use of effective imagery and strong call to actions throughout, the site has been designed to educate, as well as navigate the user to make a booking in a seamless manner. The booking system was organised through Rezdy, a booking platform which can be easily managed by the client and seamlessly integrated into the website.

Custom Icons were created to create visual interest and help engage the customer as well as many animated graphical elements. The website tells the story about what the new round yellow boats are all about and the strategic placement of booking ‘call to actions’ help to seal the deal. An Instagram live-feed has also been set up which automatically updates when a photo is uploaded – This is a great way to keep your website fresh and up to date.

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Mediamojo is a small but feisty web and graphic design studio located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in jobs big and small, encompassing all that's needed in design for Print, Web... and lots more!

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