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Sell the solution, not the product

Sell the solution, not the product

Is your company reaching its’ full potential in how it sells your products/services? Could you be getting more out of your business? Let’s take a look.

If you look at some big-name brands and how they sell their business, you’ll quickly start to see that they often aren’t punching you in the face with their latest product and its newest features; they’re selling the desired solution.

Every business has an issue; a problem that needs solving. Putting yourself in the shoes of your consumers and understanding their buying process will allow you to produce relevant and engaging content that will help them to solve their business issue.

Here at MediaMojo, we were tasked with designing the website for Clear Dog Treats, a company who produce natural, high quality dog treats; free from added sugars and preservatives. Although we have included the product on the landing page of their website, what immediately grabs your attention is the very happy looking dog, licking its lips in anticipation! This is a good example of how to sell the solution and not just the product itself.

When applying this concept to your own business, ask yourself the following:

1 – What do users see when they first land on your website?

2 – Does it quickly explain the solution you offer?

3- Does the imagery relate to the problem they’re experiencing or the solution they’re looking for?

Connecting with your customers via an experience is much more powerful than technically explaining your product. An emotional connection can be very powerful and can keep the user engaged, leading to more inquiries.

Head over to our online portfolio by following the link below to see the full project and see if you can find some more examples!


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Mediamojo is a small but feisty web and graphic design studio located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in jobs big and small, encompassing all that's needed in design for Print, Web... and lots more!

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