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SEO: 6 Things NOT To Do

SEO: 6 Things NOT To Do

If you have created a new website, it is advised not to put ads on it right away – Google marks those sites as suspected “ad farm” websites and because of this won’t index them for a certain period of time (placing them into the sandbox). Suggestions are to have your site online with content for one month, before you can put ads in it. However there is no official word on this from Google – so a shorter or longer period may be required.

  1. Inbound Links: Google gives high rankings to sites that have inbound links from other sites. But these aren’t just any sites. They need to be sites with high ranking. This means that you can’t just create a bunch of sites linking to each other to increase your ranking. Neither submitting reciprocal links with link exchange sites will help. In fact this will make things worse, as Google doesn’t like “link farms”. Sites that link to yours should also be relevant to your content.
  2. Bookmarking Services: Including links to social bookmarking services, like reddit.com, digg.com, del.icio.us, etc. will allow your visitors to submit your site’s links to those services in one click. However majority of these sites implement the link attribute rel=”nofollow”, which won’t help your site’s ranking.
  3. Avoid duplicated content: There are many sites that spring up overnight, by copying content from other sites or buying pre-made sites. Google detects these sites and penalises by not indexing them. Instead of duplicating content, quote the relevant parts and provide a link to the original source.
  4. Avoid keyword spamming: Over optimizing and overusing key terms or using irrelevant keywords on your pages will negatively affect your site’s ranking and set you back.
  5. Too Many Links: Don’t post too many links on a single page. Google suggests less than 100. When linking to other sites, avoid linking to sites with bad reputations. When you receive an email request to link to another site or link exchange, first check that the site is of a good quality and that it’s of a relevant content to your site.
  6. Linking: When having other sites link to yours (inbound links), try to use different wordings for the anchored text. If it’s always the same wording, search engines may consider those links as an attempt to raise your page rank and your site’s page rank will be devalued.

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