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Mediamojo Web and Graphic Design Noosa

Meet the mojo team

A small but feisty graphic design studio in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

John Banitsiotis
John Banitsiotis

John Banitsiotis

Creative Director – Master Mojo

Every great team has a great leader; Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Kirk, Splinter, just to name a few. When the crazy stuff goes down, you need someone there to hold it together and keep everyone feeling safe. John is not only the founder but the creative manifestation of Mediamojo web and graphic design Noosa itself. For John, it is hard to see how talented he really as he believes modesty is the best policy. However, his level of skill is unparalleled having mastered illustration and almost every visual design discipline known to man. In conclusion, John can give any project the professional visage it requires.

Carly Cooke

Carly Murray

Senior Web and Graphic Designer – The Webinator!

Don’t let her quiet persona fool you! Carly is the creative assassin of digital design. Leaving no div open, she executes her coding with deadly accuracy, giving her designs bulletproof functionality.

Having worked in agencies around the globe Carly has brought her talent and expertise to the front-line of the Mediamojo web and graphic design team Noosa. We’re just glad she’s on our side!

Carly Cooke
Kyla Schann
Kyla Schann

Kyla Schaan

Web and Graphic Designer – The Creative Crusader!

From the snow-covered mountain peaks she called home, Kyla has come to us, bringing more than Maple Syrup, Grizzly Bears and Ryan Reynolds. Kyla brings her amazing ability to interpret your business and provide you with an awesome digital solution. Her abilities are many, from design to function and everything in between, Kyla can brainstorm and evolve a design to perfectly meet the needs of your project.

Giving up the Northern Lights for our southern sun, Kyla is committed to her quest to explore new and uncharted design principles, to offer you only the best for your next website project.

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